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Social Media Coaching: How Do I Manage Social Media for My Company?

If you’ve got a business or a brand, then there’s a good chance you already have a social media presence. After all, having social media content can help amplify a company’s online presence and shape its reputation.

It’s no exaggeration that how a company manages its social media accounts can make or break them.

The thing is, effectively managing social media accounts may not be as easy as it seems. The tools themselves are simple to use, but there’s a lot of nuance and important considerations you have to make.

So, in order to get off on the right foot, it’s best to have plenty of social media coaching. If you’d like to know how to manage social media and how it can transform your company or brand, then continue reading below.

Focus on the Big Social Media Platforms—Facebook and Instagram

The term social media is pretty broad if you think about it. After all, there are dozens of social media platforms that you can dig into.

However, there are really only two that you should start your focus on—Facebook and Instagram. These two should take all your attention in the beginning for a few reasons…

First, you don’t want to overextend yourself by taking care of dozens of accounts across different platforms. It’s best to pick a few and stick to them—remember, it’s quality over quantity.

branding photography | social media coaching

More importantly, these two social media platforms have some of the most active and engaged users. That means you’re likely to reach more potential customers on these two platforms.

To put it into perspective, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every month. Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users monthly.

That means that with just two social media platforms, you can cast a wide net to reach new customers.

Should I Take Care of My Own Social Media Accounts?

Many companies attempt to take care of their own Facebook and Instagram accounts. They often think that all they need is a little social media coaching, and then they can then manage their accounts effectively.

However, the reality of the situation quickly becomes apparent when you haven’t posted something new in days, weeks, or even months. After all, it isn’t easy to find the time to run a business and keep up with social media.

It’s no joke that running social media accounts is a job in itself. That’s why most companies and brands hand their social media accounts to social media managers.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is what you get when you pass off your social media accounts to the pros. Usually, these are digital marketing agencies, like Stay Social, that provide well-rounded social media services.

These digital marketing agencies use their expertise and know-how to create the most engaging content possible. From brand photography to maximum impact hashtags and custom campaigns—they do it all.

Expect your social media to shine with carefully crafted and curated posts that run on a tight, well-managed schedule.

branding photography | social media coaching

What Are the Advantages?

Social media management has many advantages, but mainly, the fact that it is almost totally hands-off takes the cake. That means that you can focus solely on refining or creating the best products and services you can offer.

After all, managing social media is time-consuming and difficult. Save your energy and let the pros take care of all the hard work.

You don’t need to worry or think about making or posting content—it’s all taken care of. Not only that but each post is directed toward your desired audience.

Why Is It Important?

Social media management is important because it reaches new customers. In our digital world, having an online presence is as good as having a physical one!

Having curated posts and eye-catching brand photography will make your social media accounts stand out from the rest. That draws in curious users who may become interested in your product or service.

In short, social media management services can:

● Earn real followers

● Increase engagement

● Generate new leads and purchases

● Drive digital traffic to your website

● Drive foot traffic to your physical store

● Expand customer support

● Build a brand

● Create a community of loyal customers

Basically, social media management can make a company flourish with a steady stream of new and repeat customers.

What’s the Average Cost?

Of course, social media services come at a cost. It depends on the agency or freelancer, but usually, the number falls somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 per month.

Each agency or freelancer has different services and experience levels, so it’s hard to pin down an average price. After all, some agencies do brand photography and custom graphics while others don’t.

Although the costs can seem high, the value you get back in leads and sales is often much more than what you spend.

Social media service | brand photography

How Can Social Media Management Increase Brand Awareness and Revenue?

Social media management usually results in beautifully crafted social media posts. With branding photography and targeted audiences, you reach more people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

The more eye-catching posts and targeted ads that are run, the more aware people become of your brand. That can lead to more digital traffic leading to your website or physical traffic coming to your store.

The greater the number of people interested and aware of your brand, the more likely you are to increase sales.

Are You Ready to Have Your Social Media Accounts Managed?

If you’re looking for social media management services, then you’re in luck. Stay Social is ready to put Facebook and Instagram to work for your brand!

Hand us the reigns of your Facebook and Instagram accounts to create brand awareness and revenue by:

● Tailoring an extensive strategy with realistic goals

● Finding and targeting your key audiences

● Creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging content

● Leveraging data and analytics to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

● Answering messages or comments from followers

● Taking proactive and organized management of posts and advertisements

Whether you’re a small business getting off the ground or an established brand—you can benefit from Stay Social’s social media services.

If you’re ready to see what effective social media management can do for your company, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Stay Social today.


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